Psalm 121

Please read Psalm 121 (8 verses)

In times of trouble and weakness we look for peace and strength. The writer of this Psalm asks a rhetorical question to ascertain where our help comes from… it is the only place of help…

The Psalmist looks to the majestic, never-changing mountains, that remind him of his Lord and God. As he lifts his eyes to the hills so his inner eyes looks to the Lord for power and deliverance. His help does not come from the physical hills, but from the reality of the Lord, the creator of those same hills. The immovable quality of the mountains reminds us of the unchanging promises of God and as the hills do not move, so neither do the words of the Lord.

Our help always comes from the Lord, whether we acknowledge Him or not. He is our foundation stone and the builder of the kingdom of God. He will not allow His people to slip away, but when tempted will provide a way of escape for them. Though troubles surround us with horrors, especially in the night, we know that God never sleeps and sees right through the darkness. Neither day or night will disturb our rest in the Lord who made both these parts of the day.

When oppression leans heavily on us and we face pressure and stress, it will not overwhelm us, even though it might be difficult to cope with. God will give the strength to fight and overcome and we will find ourselves resilient warriors in His name. All our days are hidden in God and no one can take us away from Him or separate our well-being from His care. He watches over His children night and day and whether we go in or out, His eternal presence is with us. Should we suffer anxiety about these situations, He will give us the courage to do what is right and carry on with our life and not fail.

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