Psalm 145

Please read Psalm 145 (21 verses)

This is a wholly positive Psalm extolling the glory of the Lord and all His marvellous works. The psalmist praises the Lord every day for the Lord is worthy of praise and His glorious works are unfathomable. We can learn from this how to praise our Lord and God and share His glory with other people. As we meditate on the Lord and proclaim His goodness, so we can tell all His faithfulness to the generations that come after us. We are encouraged to celebrate the Lord and joyfully sing about Him. We magnify the Lord together and lift up His holy name.

I cannot do justice to this Psalm by writing about it. I encourage you to actually read it. It is full of magnificent praise and exalted language towards our God and lifts the heart to want to join in the worship.

The Lord is great; the Lord is good; the Lord is trustworthy; the Lord is righteous. These are the general themes in the Psalm. People may ignore the Lord and His glorious works, even in the created world and fail to see His glory, but the kingdom will come in all its fullness and every heart and mind will be lifted to the Lord. No one in the family of God will be left out of the praises, which will continue forever before the Lord. Every creature in the new heaven and new earth will sing for joy.