Psalm 16

Please read Psalm 16 (11 verses)

The full confidence of the psalmist is in the Lord his God. He knows that God will keep him safe because he has taken refuge in the Lord and found Him to be faithful. In fact, there is no comparison between the Lord and any other help. There is no good person or thing apart from the Lord. The writer takes delight in other people like himself who delight in the Lord and who are faithful to the Lord also. Those who run after other support will be sadly disappointed. 

The Lord has done everything for the writer of this Psalm. The Lord has become his salvation and his portion in this world and the next. The Lord has become his very life and the Lord makes his way in life secure. He recognises that he has a pleasant inheritance which is kept for him in the future time. All the ways of his present life have been pleasant and the Lord has delivered him for all his oppression and adversaries. 

Day and night the psalmist find himself delighting and praising and worshipping the Lord for all He has done and as he does so, the Lord instructs and councils him in every right path. He receives a right perspective on his life, when he is praising God. The psalmists eyes are on the Lord and he is transfixed by His beauty and wisdom, which is the mainstay of his life. He knows he cannot be shaken for the Lord is in control. 

His mind and souls and body rest secure in the Lord and the Lord will not leave him to the destitution that other people face because of their unbelief. He speaks also here, as the voice of Christ, and the fact that He will one day rise again victorious over decay and death. The path of life is open to us because of the resurrection of Jesus. He has opened the path for us to walk down in confidence and hope and we are filled with joy, knowing that the eternal pleasures are at our right hand.