Be clean

“rid yourselves of all malice and all deceit, hypocrisy, envy, and slander of every kind.”

1 Peter 2:1

The Word of the Lord teaches us to follow Christ and purify our lives. It is a constant battle to stay on the right road and remain true to God. It is too easy to waver.

We must get rid of sins of malice, lying, not living truly, wanting what other people have got, and speaking ill of people. This is not God’s way and we must not allow ourselves to fall into this way of being and behaving. It will hurt us and hurt other people.

We need to repent and turn from a life of self-seeking and give ourselves fully to the Lord.

My testimony is, I have failed badly in recent months, and failed in the most important thing I have been given. Only God can forgive and fix my life. I am not worthy to write this, but I do because it is possible to be forgiven. God will keep and intervene when we go wrong. I thank Him for being a forgiving God.