Continue to do right


“Let the one who does right continue to do right; and let the holy person continue to be holy.” Revelation 22:11

There are times when our confidence becomes undermined, usually be a series of events that we have no control over. We don’t notice at first, but gradually we stop feeling what we should feel, and we begin to overlook our own needs as people.

It is not the confidence to do things, but the confidence we all need to live our lives and do all the usual things we do each day. We can become afraid of situations, find ourselves unable to function, become fearful of the future and seem to loose our faith.

At these times, we need to really look again at the promises of God, not just say them over to ourselves, but meditate on them and the implications for us as people. God cares for His people so much, and he knows our troubles and cares, and feels our hurt too. If we trust in him and just rest in his peace, He will support us and give us the strength to keep going, walk along the road with Him, and feel and exercise His power every day.

Sometimes we can become too focused on what we have to do, our work for God, and trying to step out for Him. When he means this for us, He will show us and give us the motivation and strength to do it. There are times when He wants us to step back and prove His power in another way. Our view of success is usually warped, and involves numbers, years and acclaim, but this is not His way. He requires that we are faithful in what He gives us to do whatever that might be.

In all circumstances I must trust and not be afraid. He will never leave you, or forsake you.

If you are a Christian and seeking to follow God in holiness and truth, and obey his holy commandments, Keep going with that. That is the pathway of blessing in the inner life of the soul, as well as the outer deeds and words show.

If you are seeking God, and seeking His face and His character in your life, this is the way…walk in it. When we seek Him truly, the other issues sort themselves out, because he will show you the truth, and you will be free.