Psalm 53

Please read Psalm 53 (6 verses)

This Psalm is a replica of Psalm 14. It reiterates the fact that all who do not believe, or who think God does not exist, are fools. The Psalm does not mince its words. It does not hide behind political correctness and the foolish subjective mindset that we have in our collective psyche today. God is not willing that anybody should perish everlastingly without Him, so He does not hide from us, or veil His words, or fudge the issue. It is clear and plain.

God loves you, though you may not love Him. Maybe you love Him a bit, but feel there are things about His character you do not approve of! Sounds silly doesn’t it? A mere mortal judging the Almighty God on grounds that we do not fully understand.

O that we would humble ourselves and find Him to be as He says He is, the lover of human souls and the Saviour of our whole self! Those who do come to Him are never disappointed, but those who are wise in their own eyes, think believers are a bit foolish and a bit inadequate. But who would dare to face this life without a loving God?

Only fools deny the existence of the only necessary being. Only He has always existed and without Him, we do not exist either. Something cannot come out of nothing and to imagine that it does flies in the face of all reason and logic. Why be an utter fool and lose your soul just to fit in with a corrupt and godless mindset?

What we don’t understand we are not meant to understand, but we can understand more, if our minds are free to think the unthinkable and trust in the living God. God reveals Himself to those who will follow Him, and will show us such beauty that the unredeemed mind cannot see. Why be overwhelmed by dread because you will not see?