Perfected in us

“No one has seen God at any time. If we love one another, God remains in us, and his love has been perfected in us.”

We cannot see God because He is Spirit. We read and hear His words and see the effect of His actions, and so we can know Him. We can commune through the reading of His Word and through speaking to Him in prayer. We are brought to know Him through faith in Jesus and through the shed blood that has atoned for our sin. The only revelation of God we have is the Holy Scriptures. All other so-called revelations are unreliable and are therefore false. Only Scripture hold the knowledges of God that we need and in studying the Scripture and searching the Scripture we come to realise who God is. We also realise who we are and that we cannot stand before Him in our natural state, but need a Saviour to cleanse us and make us new. We need forgiveness and a new life in Christ – eternal life through the indwelling Spirit within.

God changes us around and sets our wayward feet on the right path of faith, love and hope in Christ. We become new people who are able to love God and love others with that sacrificial love that our Father God displays. As we walk on in the Christian pathway with God, He teaches us and sanctifies us by the work of the Holy Spirit, through the Word of God. We become more obedient, more loving and more lIke our Lord.

This is our testimony to the world, that people can see and relate to. Unbelievers need to see the beauty of Christ in the life of Christian people, as they have no other way in practical terms, to see God or know what God is like, apart from that testimony. The Scriptures remain a mystery to so many, for they are spiritually discerned, but we can all read love and kindness in the lives of other people. Christians should be walking with their Lord so that they are closely like Him and a good witness to the world.

The question is, am I like that? Am I a good ambassador for Jesus my Saviour? Do I represent Him in a fallen and perverse world that is lost and blind?

Each one of us must answer this question in the quietness of our own mind and heart.

Some day we will see God in the person of the Lord Jesus and we will be perfectly like Him in our character and demeanour, for He will make us perfect as He is. Until then, we strive to be perfect as our Father in heaven is perfect and to please Him by living holy lives for His glory and not for ourselves. We seek to emulate His person that we might be more accurate witnesses to our gracious and loving God.