Dying love

To whom will you cling when your dying

Who will you cling to for dear life

There’s no one can stop the advances

Of the Angel of death and cold strife.

She comes when you least expect her

Taking everything – all in sight

Reaping a day of vengeance

Plunging you into the night.

You cannot stop her endeavours

She is ruthless and brings total woe

Making it feel all so useless

Into the valley of shadow you go.

Relinquish your hold on reality

The madness of death reigns supreme

As you enter the gates of the city

And dip in the depths of the stream. 

It’s cold – no one warned you about that

It’s lonely and miserable as hell

Her presence is futile and sullen

Her hand at your throat as well.

How will you reach the shoreline?

Who will deliver your soul?

Without hope you will grasp at the nettle

Stinging you as a treachery whole.

Close you eyes it will soon be over

It’s a moment between life and death

Soon the deliverance certain will happen

As you gasp for your latest breath. 

Hold the hands that reaches out from the darkness

Grasp the line that is thrown to you

A Saviour will wait in the shadows 

To save and deliver you too.

Believe – the ending of you faith

Is now within sight and sound

The rumbling of the thunder

Of heaven’s eternal crowd.

Listen, as it ever grows louder

Takes the place of the eternal doom

They’re cheering you into the safety 

Of heavens everlasting room.

The arm pulls you ever closer

To the side once pierced for you

Nothing can separate you from that love

Not death’s cold river – just go through.

The sound of heaven takes the air 

The rushing of waters complete

Above your head the quickening clouds

The ground beneath your feet. 

Safe on the happy golden shore

Abiding in Christ now complete

Never a dark moment to haunt your peace

Deliverance full – the enemy runs in defeat…