The Sea of Glass

“I saw something like a sea of glass mixed with fire, and those who overcame the beast, his image, and the number of his name, standing on the sea of glass, having harps of God.”

Revelation 15:2

We will overcome the Beast, the image of the Beast and the number of his name. We will have the unspeakable privilege of standing on that sea of glass and fire and enjoying making the music of heaven.

This vision is in preparation for the outpouring of the last seven bowls of the wrath of God on humankind and the final and irrevocable destruction of the Beast. It is a sign and an overview of the working of the mighty power of God through the end times of the gospel age.

The saints of God escape the judgment to fall on all paganism and high and mighty “religion” that sets itself above the Lord in seeming power and glory. It will not last and is to be resisted. This is the message of the Beast and the necessity of avoiding his name and mark on our lives.

The sea of glass represents the pure and peerless death of Christ who has procured such a free and freely offered salvation. He is able to justify and sanctify all who come to Him in faith and humility. The saints stand on the efficacy of that amazing sacrifice, which angels long to understand. The subsequent song of the Redeemed is their song of perpetual praise the the Almighty and ever-living God and they magnify His great name in everything they do. Music is part of heaven and accompanying instruments. But the music and the song are peculiar to the people of God.

The fire in the glassy sea represents the presence and power of the Holy Spirit who dwells in the lives of God’s people and resides in the church of Jesus Christ, living stones, that build the edifice of the living body of the Lord Jesus. We stand only in the power of the Holy Spirit and the strong work of grace in our lives as Christian people.

This picture is so attractive and encouraging. None of the people of God will be left out or lost. Each will take their places on the glassy sea before the throne of God, to worship Him and adore that work that He has accomplished in them. They are sure about why they stand there before the Lord in holiness and purity- because of the perfect sacrifice that was made for them on the cross at Calvary by the perfect Saviour, who laid down His life for them.

All praise, renown and glory will be to Him who is above all praising, yet loves the praise of His people. Such is the love of the humble King of all things that He should love ignoble us…