Psalm 87

Please read Psalm 87 (7 verses)

The Lord loves His holy people. He has made them holy through the blood of the everlasting covenant and has brought them into His family through the new birth. Every child of God is born in Zion.

Zion, the holy city of God built on righteousness and holiness. The Lord loves the holy city of His people more than any other and all the chosen people of God are included. All the unworthy and castaways are brought into the glorious fold of the people of God. All who are rejected by so-called polite societies and organisations of good social standing, are brought into this beloved city. It is a place of mighty refuge for those who fail and have found redemption through the blood of Christ.

People who belong to the cities of this world are also brought in, names we associate with ungodliness are brought into the glorious kingdom. Babylon, Philistia, Tyre and Cush, those who are associated with the enemy, or rejection, are all included in the holy city. God has chosen His people from before the foundation of the world, and will surely bring all His sons and daughters to glory. There will be the great in gathering of souls in the church of Jesus Christ from every tribe and tongue. It is the Lord who writes the register of the peoples and keeps the Book of Life with the names of every one recorded there. They will all enter in and that is a certainty for their names are written there with the blood of Christ – every one born in Zion.

As we sing to the Lord we know and express our emotion that all our blessings and outpourings of the Holy Spirit are in Him… the song of the redeemed will be for the blessing of the nations.