What The Man did


He was born into filth and squalor and obscurity with no social prospects or privileges, so that I might know how unimportant these things are and that greatness is given by God.

He walked this sullen earth day and night, with no place to rest, to show me how to live and to model patience and obedience in the face of adversity.

He had patience with the oppressed and the outcast, forgiving them and giving them dignity, so that I might know it is also possible for the likes of me.

He forgave freely and absolutely, so that no one would have any excuse not to forgive, indeed my forgiveness depends on my forgiving others.

He died a criminal’s death, alone, rejected, yet undefeated. The cross did not kill him; as the Lord of Glory he laid down his life, so that I might never die, even though this flesh shall fail.

He bore an eternity of suffering, contracted into the short space of a few hours, so that I would never have to face an eternity alone, without a loving God and bearing the everlasting pain of a condemning conscience.

He endured the rejection of his father, who turned his back on his own precious son, so that I could be included in his family.

He took the full impact of the wrath of God in punishment for my deep dyed sinfulness, so that I would spend time and eternity living in the joy of his love.

He rose again, quietly and victoriously; only a few saw it at first, but it grew into a huge throng with growing courage against the establishment. He is alive and lives to give life to me and make me like himself.

He is coming soon. Every eye, once dead and alive, shall see him. He returns to bring me home, Oh, glad day! This will be the final consummation, the bride will meet the bridegroom and I will be changed in a moment into the person I was meant to be.