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“bearing with one another, and forgiving each other, if any man has a complaint against any; even as Christ forgave you, so you also do.”

We are bound to forgive as we also have had need of great forgiveness. 

As Christian people we are to bear with each other in our weaknesses and failures and help each other to overcome in the name of Christ. Even when other people do not understand our lives and blame us for the things that have gone wrong, we are to bear with them in love. When other people do us out and out wrong, we are to forgive them and not hold grudges against them. 

If there is a situation where we have a complaint against someone we are to forgive and not make a big issue of it. There are plenty of examples where people have had to bear with us and forgive us, even things we know nothing about. It is easy to offend and be offended and it is common to want to be exonerated for situations out of our control. But often we must bear with outcomes a best we can and turn our minds to the Lord and not to the outside forces around us. We can find ourselves in impossible situations and find ourselves at the receiving end of the ill-will of other people, but we must bear with it in love and forgiveness.. 

Sometimes it is possible to sort out our situation and make relationships better, but sometimes it is not. People follow the way they want and often do not think about the effects of life on other people, and so many get left out and sidelined. We rise above all the foibles of human nature and trust in the Lord to see us through and give us the strength to live as He would want us to live. 

Speaking personally, I am so glad to be forgiven by the Lord and for the redeeming sacrifice of Calvary, and would wish to be like Him in His character and motivations. This is my prayer for all those who love the Lord and and wish to be like Him. 

Beloved, cast your burden on the Lord and He will sustain you. There is no one like Him and in reality, only He can know the inner workings of your heart and mind. He will bring you through the deepest of trials and make your light so shine before men that they will see your good works and glorify the Father in heaven.