Psalm 94

Please read Psalm 94 (23 verses)

The psalmist in this Psalm, deals with the ungodly. As Christian people we have no truck with retribution or vengeance. These belong to God alone, for only He is just. The psalmist asks that God will rise up and judge the ungodly and put justice as the centre of our world. He points out the wickedness of those who forget God and think that He does not see and know their evil thoughts and deeds. They crush the needy and oppress the people of God, pouring out arrogant words and filling their lips with boasting.

The writer calls these recalcitrant people senseless people who do not think straight. God made the ears, the eyes, the feet and He knows the outcome from the fruits of their activities and what they produce. The wicked think their plans will last forever, but God understands the futility of all their works.

In contrast, God teaches the upright in heart by discipline and His holy law. He permits them to see trouble and hardship, but also provides relief for them. The present status quo will not last forever and judgment will be once again founded on righteousness. God will never let His people suffer for no reason, and will deliver them.

The psalmist sees the need to stand against the wicked and make a protest about the injustice that he sees and experiences. He knows he would have surely failed if the Lord had not upheld him through the oppression. When all hope seemed to be gone, then the Lord stepped in and rescued him. When his inner life was full of anxiety, the Lord calmed him and taught him to deal with it. The writer knows that oil and water do not mix, and neither does good and bad, justice and selfishness. The days of the wicked are limited and the Lord will conquer all the strongholds of the enemy and bring in days of righteousness again. The innocent will not always suffer for the Lord is a rock that ever stands secure, and a refuge for all the distressed.