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Big names


They say we need some big name, some great motivational leader to represent Christians in the public place, but we already have One. This philosophy is not the path to evangelism, or getting Christians a better public persona – we all just need to love Him and live for Him with all our hearts, every day, and in whatever way he wants us to.

This will change the world….

The enemy is not intimidated or afraid of some person at the front, speaking out against social issues, wrong, injustice and the sick and poor. He is terrified of the perceived “silent” Christian who picks up those who fall, deals with trouble, alleviates the effects of wrong-doing and who cares for all those in any kind of need. He hates the word of encouragement, given to someone struggling to cope, and sharing the reality of sins forgiven to those with no hope.

These people he is truly frightened of, because they speak the loudest and demonstrate the love and power of Christ. These are the ones to be stopped and silenced, because people all over the world, in every culture and language “hear” them. Small is the new big. Low media profile is the priority.

It is easy to get the idea, that Christ is not enough. He needs intelligent people to stick up for him and to get the ideas across, so that everyone gets the right idea about what we are about. Check out when the Master walked the earth, and was misunderstood even though he stood right in front of human eyes and spoke into human ears, but they just couldn’t acknowledge him. Many remained blind and deaf, and even thought Him evil, so they nailed him to a cross to keep him quiet, and put an end to the message.

The message rumbled in the ground for three days and then broke out in glory and no one was able to stop it. Puny, cowardly men hid from it and then suddenly put themselves forward and spoke his words again so that many were changed. So the pattern ran, and still runs. Love spoken, lived and given so that others might live.

This is the power of Christ. He speaks through every one of his children, as they live and speak for his glory. He is the motivator, not fear. He is the strength of his people, not funds. All who follow him follow this truth, and remain small yet reaping a huge harvest for the glory of the master.