Prayer has does not add to the character of God. He doesn’t need our prayers to allow Him to be, or remain, as God. Prayer is for our benefit, that we can engage with God and enjoy His presence, and He also enjoys the praise and blessing of His people. God is not remote, but desires to draw near to His people and for them to bring their requests to Him. Jesus has come to bring a body of His people to heaven, where there is fellowship forever. He longs to have them in His embrace, and we long to be with Him also. Prayer is the bond we have with Him, even as we walk this world. His Spirit is with us and causes us to pray all kinds of prayers, for our benefit and His glory.

Prayer grows our spiritual life, and let’s us get to know God in a closer and closer way. It is the Christians daily breath, and it is on our tongues at all times. At times when we can’t pray, we have fellow Christians who pray for us. Prayer is a relationship with God and other Christian believers. It is crucial to our spiritual life.

When we are in need, we pray. When we are rejoicing, we pray…

Prayer changes everything, especially our hearts. To pray intercessory prayers gives us a better view of ourselves and other people. To lift our eyes to heaven is a privilege and a source of hope. We are heard and the answer will come at the right time. We persevere in prayers that the answer will be certain and we will know it is from God.

Prayer grows us up and makes us mature Christians. We pray in the name of our Saviour, Jesus. Keep praying, as we walk in step with our Lord Jesus.