Behind the hills

14 newcastle mountains

“The precious things of the everlasting hills…”

Deuteronomy 33: 15

We here view the hills of eternity. They rise out of the plain and are forever sure. They radiate the majesty and security of the Lord Jesus Christ. They never fail and there is refuge for the Christian in the lea of the incline.

The hills on earth remind us to lift our eyes from the worldly things around us and remember that our help comes from the Lord who made these hills. We are forever safe in the place of communion and protected as we hide ourselves in the beauty of the Lord.

As we come to the end of our lives, we see ahead of us, those welcoming mountains towering above us in the plain of Beulah land. We are safe and as we leave this world behind, we fly to the hills that mark the entrance to the eternal kingdom. Every believer will reach their destination and behind the hills waits the Saviour who we love.

The precious things are right there. The majesty of God; the refuge of the mighty hills; the comfort of heaven and home; and above all, our Saviour will be there and will lead us into our eternal inheritance. No one who trusts in Him is left out. No faith will fail, or tragedy dull the glory that will be revealed.

It is not the hills that are precious, but the person of Jesus Christ. He is the one represented by these magnificent heights. He is the beautiful one, the crowning glory of heaven for the Christian. This world holds nothing to endear us or tempt our view from these everlasting hills and the everlasting Saviour who they stand for.

Jesus is the precious One in heaven and the precious One mirrored in earth’s beauty. We lift our gaze from earth and adore the majesty of Christ, that we might seek to be like Him and all earthly things be counted as loss.