Psalm 142

Please read Psalm 142 (7 verses)

Where can we find counsel and refuge in these dark days? The psalmist is experiencing dark days too, and seeks a hiding place for his soul, where he can find rest, good advice and adequate care for his person. It is difficult to find, indeed, impossible without the Lord. There is only one refuge for the soul and we are encouraged to go to Him and find the grace we need in our times of trouble. When our soul is deeply wounded and we have almost lost the ability to go on in life, we can find new energy in the Lord our God. It is He who watches over us and can sustain us through the most testing of times. When life becomes impossible, God can show us the way ahead and sustain us as we face the impossible odds against us.

When all friends and family leave us and we are left to the ravages of life, the Lord will take us up and do such a deep work in our life that we will be amazed. If only we would trust Him, we would see days of such blessing, courage and peace. When there is nowhere to go, we find refuge in Christ, for He is our Saviour and Lord. He rescues us from enemies, self, sin and Satan, and is our portion in this life.

It is good to be in need and to be in a state where we must trust God, because it builds our faith in Him alone. We tend to always look to our own internal resources to sustain us, but if these are all taken away, we can find ourselves spiritually destitute, which is our state without God. God will show us His power in very personal ways, so that we know that it is from Him and that He is in charge of the situation we find ourselves in. If we trust in His dealings with us and rest on His promises, there are days of such blessing ahead as we learn to walk with God. We will find that we do have the strength to cope and more. People around us will see it and acknowledge the Lord and we will be encouraged. Christ makes us powerful people through His love.