Psalm 139

Please read Psalm 139 (24 verses)

There is no one like the Lord and no one who knows you and loves you like Him. The psalmist gives us an insight into God’s dealings with Him, that we might understand the Lord better. The Lord searches us and shows us things about ourselves, because sin makes us blind to our faults and gaping character flaws. The Lord knows us through and through, yet still loves us despite our bad attitudes, prejudices and rampant sins that we find so difficult to control or turn away from. God knows our thoughts before we think them and every word we say, spoken or in our minds. It is amazing to think of the love and forbearance of the Lord for such ignoble us!

God plans all our life and oversees every decision, making us wise or foolish. We can never escape Him, no matter where we might go or how we might try to hide. In heaven or in the depths of despair, the Lord is there. No matter where we run to, or how dark the night might be, He is right there, watching, guiding, protecting and knowing us completely. Even hiding in the depths of our mother’s womb, the Lord sees us and directs all our growth and development, making us as He intended and ordaining every day in the book of our life. Even before we were conceived, He knew we would exist and His many thoughts towards us are precious. Human beings are not lumps of flesh, but spiritual beings made by God and known deeply to Him. Those He calls to Himself have the glory of knowing Him too and walking life in His power.

We wake every day in the consciousness of the Lord. Every day is a gift and one to know Him better and discover things about ourselves so that we can grow. To belong to Him is to live life to the full and to die in great peace. His thoughts towards us never cease and we are so treasured by Him as His people.

The wicked go their own way and will suffer the consequences of that path of life. God knows every heart and it will be brought into judgment. The ungodly will not ruin His kingdom nor be partakers of the eternal life. Beloved, Let us ask God to search us, that we may be led in the everlasting way of life.