Psalm 113

Please read Psalm 113 (9 verses)

Praising the name of the Lord is paramount for the psalmist. He tells us continually to Praise the Lord and to praise His name. The name of the Lord is holy, and we revere Him and reverence His being as our Lord, God, Creator and Redeemer. As we rehearse His name we are aware of His character and attributes and our minds can focus on His person as we worship Him in Spirit and in truth. There is no one else like him and no other gods to worship, so we learn what He is like from His Word, and come to know Him as he deals with us in our everyday life. This is the life of faith in Christ alone and a continual walking with God.

The Lord is to be praised all day every day, as the heavenly host do in heaven above. We cannot praise Him enough and this activity keeps our spiritual minds close to God and doing what we are meant to do. We praise Him in words and deeds of righteousness and by living our lives each day for His glory. It is not just the thirty minutes of worship on Sunday morning but a continual frame of mind towards the pleasing of our Lord and God.

He deserves our praise because of who He is. He sits above the earth and sees and hears all things. He is exalted above everything that exists and all rulers are subject to Him and must bow to His authority. God is able to pull down the mighty and lift the poor and unworthy to sit in royal places, namely at His throne. He lifts us, though we are so very unworthy and sets us among the Queens and Kings of heaven. He provides for our lives on earth and hears all our prayers and requests for love and family and answers them, according to His tender mercies towards us.