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The man on the cross… Why is He there? Does it mean anything? Does it mean anything to us?

We see him there hanging halfway between heaven and earth. We see that broken body. We see that face which cannot be distinguished as any person in particular and see those wounds – so many without number. Nails puncture His hands and feet, pinning Him to the wood and that spectacle, hung up so all can see.

When artists paint this picture they paint a loincloth to shade Him from this disrespect, but in reality he was naked on the cross open to all taunts of the people who stood below his cross. They all laughed, mocked, pointed insults, scoffed at this one man, the God and maker of everything to pin their own shame upon him. That shame was not his own but ours. Ours the blame along with the agony and the punishment for eternal sins. The bloody wood remind us of the payment for sins – things done against God’s holy law, not disregarded but paid for by this blessed man. He took it all for our sake so that we would never have to suffer… Not human, but the unhuman love of the eternal Son.

Still to this day He remains the rejected Saviour. Still a race of loved creatures, who continue to heap shame upon Him. The shame of ignoring, silent rejection and indifference.

But the suffering Saviour no longer suffers on that wooden cross, but reigns over all, glorified on heaven’s throne. Forever glorious and the Saviour of all who come to Him…

Human kind remains, heaping up shame upon themselves, until the day each realise the reality of their need and each gives up their shame and He bears it all away…