Remains forever

“The world is passing away with its lusts, but he who does God’s will remains forever.”

It is important to choose the right thing and put your faith and effort into the right cause. It is crucial that our minds and hearts are turned to eternal issues and that we think long term about our eternal destiny in the realm of eternity when this present life is over. This world is not forever, no matter how much ecology and recycling we do, it is going to come to an end one day and there will come into being the eternity of God. We must be ready for that time, for it is coming soon.

Even the state of our planet at present, should alert us to the reality of eternal life, and the witness of our conscience and the Spirit of God, tell us that there is more than the here and now that we experience at present. The state of governments and political posturing shows a distinct lack of integrity at the heart of the leadership in our world. The economic situation, even in so-called rich countries is cycling down into further poverty and ruin for many. Everything seems tainted with the brush of nihilism and we are reduced to laughter at anything and everything. We try to keep our minds out of the tragedies that unfold around us daily, and try to be thankful for what we have and enjoy. But, as this verse says, the world is passing away and all the desires that go along with it will one day register as defunct.

The Lord Jesus has promised to return and take His waiting people home, and that time seems more and more immanent every day that goes past. The signs are all in place for the end times, and we should eagerly expect His return. The world will certainly pass away and the instigation of the eternal kingdom will come into effect.

Only those who are ready and waiting for this time will enter into the joy of that kingdom and place. Only those who are seeking the will of God and not their own interests will be able to live forever in that holy place.

Beloved, are you ready for that great day? Should it be the return of Christ or the death of our body, we will leave this present world behind and enter another dimension of eternity. Are we prepared for it?

We must seek the Lord and put our hope in Him to be ready for that time. Do not be enthralled by the joys of this life, but seek the deeper joys of life with God and knowing His presence with us always. Even when we do not know His closeness we hold to Him in faith and trust Him for the eternal day that is coming.