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What do I do with gossip?

Take it straight to God…

He gives you a balanced and true perspective.

He gives generosity of heart towards other people.

He teaches us a forgiving and non-judgmental attitude.

He gives us the insight into the mindset of the other person.

We find we have empathy with people – we have done unhelpful things too.

He gives us stamina in our character to not take offence- love covers a multitude of sins.

He gives us patience to bear with other people- God had to bear with you….

He is the only true confidant that can be trusted.

Take it to a friend…

We make negative talk and opinions about other people.

It pulls them and you down to a low level of mentality.

We reinforce bad attitudes and prejudices.

We cause others to sin and think badly of other people.

Our talk reinforces a judgmental attitude and mindset.

We breed immaturity and a weak character that cannot absorb slights and things done against it.

We show the lack of a forgiving spirit that causes bitterness and division in the social group.

We assassinate someone else’s character.