We have a Councellor

“My little children, I write these things to you so that you may not sin. If anyone sins, we have a Counsellor with the Father, Jesus Christ, the righteous.”

The Apostle John is writing this letter that we might be instructed in righteousness. He wants us to be clear about our sin, what it is, so that we can face up to it and repent from it. This is the way of walking peaceable with God. This is the path of righteousness.

Of course, we do sin with bad attitudes and thoughts that separate us from the peace of God. God shows us our sin so that we can turn our minds from it and be at peace. This is so important that we live lives in the attitude of peace towards our Heavenly Father and He will walk with us and work all things out for our benefit. The Lord is so warm toward us, as John is warm in his heart to those who will read this letter. God calls us His little children and brings us instantly into the embrace of His loving fellowship. He does not keep us at arms length, always chastising us, but teaches us and shows us the way back to Himself.

When we fall down and our cares and wrongs get the better of us, we have a Counsellor to stand with us before the Father and speak for us as our Saviour and Lord. His name is Jesus Christ, the righteous one, who has bought our freedom and forgiveness and ever stands as our mediator with the Father.

“For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus..”

1 Timothy 2:5

We are never left to fend for ourselves, but are guided and helped, prayed for and counselled by our loving Saviour and Lord. We can turn to Him in our times of deep trouble and heartache, and know His loving interventions. Only He is able to hold us, and He does hold every one of His precious people. We look to Him for Jesus is able to save and keep us through all our failures and adversity.