Acclaim (prayers for strength)


Psalm 17:15 NIV
“As for me, I will be vindicated and will see your face; when I awake, I will be satisfied with seeing your likeness.”

Lord, give me the strength to not seek acclaim, vindication or praise in this world. May I look only to you and seek the blessing on the lives of others and to build them up that they will walk with you too.
Please forgive my self-seeking and the desire to be seen or regarded.
Purge away my pride and self-righteousness for your names sake. Amen

Lord, forgive the thoughts that rehearse the ill that others have done to me. This is not the mind of Christ. To be forgiven of this destructive treadmill, I must really forgive. As I struggle with it, help me to see that this is why I am struggling to get mastery- it yet has mastery over me and will keep me down as long as I hold on to it.
Give me the strength it do something positive to give the death-wound to this monster.
Give me pity, Lord for the sinner, whatever the guise he or she might portray themselves to be. Lord, give me insight so that I in turn will not fall prey to folly. Amen

Lord, if I would have your Spirit and have victory over all ill in my life, then self must be denied. The comfortable frame of mind, the blessedly self conscious thoughts will have to go. The fight is not for good deeds, but good motivations, that run deeper than action, and are never acknowledged. To serve the Lord Jesus is difficult and involves self-denial and the closest pruning of the thought realm, that the deeds will be true and sincere.
Lord, let me not ease myself off the pathway with vain excuses. Amen.

Lord Jesus, some day soon I will see your face and all my feeble efforts will be made beautiful by your deeds for me. What I have done and not done will be seen and my reasons and intentions will come into the light of your word and glory. Lord, I ask that I will have a lasting harvest and a crop of precious souls that will be there on that last great day. Let me see the light of joy and acceptance from you and hear those words that tell me I have served you well.
Lord, may my love for you overshadow all other loves and attractions, and may that love motivate me in all these days. Amen.