Photo by Antony Trivet on Pexels.com

“For a nation has come up on my land, strong, and without number. His teeth are the teeth of a lion, and he has the fangs of a lioness.”

This text likens the swarm of locusts that have come against the people of God, as being like an invading army. So they are and they have decimated everything. They might be seemingly small in themselves but the sheer number of them have overwhelmed the land and left the people destitute. It seems the hand of the Lord is against His people. It seems like punishment and we automatically begin to think it is more than is deserved. 

We can feel like this in our Christian life, as the circumstances and experiences of our life seem to overwhelm us and cause us so much sorrow. We think the mercy of the Lord has left us and we have missed the mark so badly, that God has given up on us. We think we cannot cope and heap up worry and negativity to ourselves and start distrusting God, or thinking that He is not in control. Some days are just difficult and the enemy comes in like a flood, like a swarm of sharp-toothed invaders! We may not be able to work out exactly why, and at times our comfort seems far away, but we know and remember the Lord is near. No matter how troublesome is the trouble, He will provide a way of escape and pour in the oil and the wine. 

There are times that can be devastatingly difficult. These locust invaders are described as lions and lionesses, with sharp teeth and able to tear us apart. We are not spared such distresses, but the Lord is able to succour us and help us to face the foe and look to Him in our times of trial. He will not let His people be torn apart by the troubles of life and will supply all our need according to His mercy and resources in the Spirit. We take our refuge in His word and remember His sure and precious promises and are sustained. The fangs and teeth may be bared against the people of God, but His protecting love is ever with them. 

These unrelenting swarms of locusts have come against the people, and the people are suffering, but God’s purposes are to purify His people and not to harm them. What ever we are facing, God knows what we can bear and has a long term purpose of blessing on us. God will not allow the enemy to destroy us, but will protect and save His people from the teeth of the enemy.

Beloved, let us trust in Him and persevere under the trials and find the victory in our redeemer and Saviour, Jesus.