The Seventh Trumpet

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“The seventh angel sounded, and great voices in heaven followed, saying, “The kingdom of the world has become the Kingdom of our Lord, and of his Christ. He will reign forever and ever!” The twenty-four elders, who sit on their thrones before God’s throne, fell on their faces and worshiped God, saying: “We give you thanks, Lord God, the Almighty, the one who is and who was; because you have taken your great power, and reigned. 

Revelation 11:15-17

The sounding of the Seventh trumpet brings great honour and praise to God. We are permitted to see into the throne room of God and to see into the holy temple in the New Jerusalem. 

The kingdom of Christ had come and the kingdom of this world has become the kingdom of God and of His Christ. The Lord, CHRIST, will reign in His eternal kingdom forever, and His redeemed people with Him in great glory and power. 

The twenty four elders, who are symbolic of the entire body of Christ, the people of God, bow down and worship the Lord. They fall on their faces and worship the true King of Kings and Lord of Lords, and praise Him that His power has vanquished the forces of evil and overcome them. The false church, the false prophet and the great Whore, who has deceived so many of God’s creation and have plunged their souls into eternal punishment, have all been dealt with. All these are overcome along with the Beast and the Antichrist. 

All who have refused Christ are now judged by Him and have received their reward. The prophets, the saints of God and all those who love the Lord Jesus also receive their rewards and all, both small and great are set high on thrones with Christ. This is the destiny of all those who deny themselves in this present, physical life, and take up their cross and follow the way of God. 

When the Ark of the Covenant of God was opened it produced great turmoil with thunders and lightening and great sounds. Such is the majesty of the law and the grace of God, both brought together as friends through the death of the Everlasting Son, Jesus, the Redeemer and Lord of all things. We see His power and majesty in the thundering of the law and the voice of love from the cross. We see His holiness in His judgment of all evil and His humility in His salvation of human souls.