Revealed to us

(and the life was revealed, and we have seen, and testify, and declare to you the life, the eternal life, which was with the Father, and was revealed to us)

The Holy Son of God was born into this world as a human baby and appeared in His human flesh among us for a short time that we might have a living Saviour who can rescue us from our sinfulness. John and the disciples saw Him and can testify to His person and works that He carried out while on earth.

He is the very life, the essence, of the living God revealed in human flesh. He was with the Father at the beginning of this world, the beginning of time, and has always been with the Father. Jesus is the eternal Son of God and is now revealed to our human sight and ears. Humankind has seen the Lord with human eyes, and heard the very Word of God with human ears. Human hands have touched Him and He them, that we might testify to His humanity and touch Him and be healed.

The Lord Jesus has come to bring us eternal life, the life of God. The witness of John testifies to this life, which is now available to all of us. It is not fanciful conjecture or mystic philosophies, but God come in the beauty of human flesh, to redeem the world through the sacrifice of Himself. He came to reveal the life of God to us, and this He did through the testimony of His servants in the eternal Word.

Jesus is now revealed and there is no hiding from the truth. It is obvious and set out clearly for us to read, believe and know. Human kind can know God because of this amazing revelation through the Son of God come in the flesh. It is open to all who will humbly come, bow the knee, repent and believe in this Lord Jesus.