Dripping with myrrh

“I arose to open for my beloved, and my hands dripped with myrrh, my fingers with flowing myrrh, on the handles of the bolt.”

The woman hears her Beloved at the door. Perhaps she sees his hand through the latch and she goes to open the door for her lover. She has been shut in from seeing him, and wondering where he is. When he comes to her, she opens for him, and lets him in. The picture of her hands dripping with myrrh and her fingers with the sweet smelling myrrh flowing from them, is very poetic. The beauty of the aroma is there as she opens the bolt of the door.

The Christian is sometimes languishing in doubts and fears and regrets. Our faith can almost fail, and we can be so afraid of life and its challenges, we become stagnant in our Christian walk with God. We make mistakes, and suffer the consequences of them, and the challenge of facing life in a new way, is very great.

The Lord Jesus comes to us and shows us His presence, and seeks communion with us. When we see Him and have knowledge of His presence, we should go to Him and let Him into the citadel of our heart. He will be our comfort and guide and will lead us through every day in His strength. There is no strength apart from His strength, and we can depend on Him at all times.

As we come to Him, let our fingers and hands drop the sweet smelling myrrh, as an anointing of his person, and a sign of our love for Him. We obey Him, our Lord and God. We must not leave off meeting with Him in prayer and Bible meditation. He will be our sweetness and will fill our lives with the sweet smell of holiness and love for God and His people.