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Psalm 124

Please read Psalm 124 (8 verses)

The rage of the enemy is so virulent against the Christian that without the restraining effect of the Holy Spirit they, and he, will destroy the people of God. There is a rage against the Lord in the hearts of those who refuse to believe. It is a kind of spiritual madness that stops the unbeliever from the comfort and safety under the loving wings of the eternal God. Those who do trust in this eternal God are forever protected and kept in the mighty war against evil.

Anger is so violent it would destroy without a second thought and the psalmist likens the rage of the wicked to a flood of water that would sweep him away and torrents of waves that would overwhelm his soul. The Lord does not allow it. The bitterness against the Lord makes the unbeliever behave like a wild animal that would tear the Christian apart and leave their psyche depressed and full of despair. God will not permit it. Like the release of a bird from the snare of the bird-catcher, so the soul of the Christian is kept safe and remains free in the Lord.

The teeth of the ungodly will surely be broken and the traps they set will entrap them instead. The Lord will not permit His people to be destroyed, but we do suffer much ignominy and much oppression. The enemy can bind the body, but not the soul, for we are kept safe in the care of God. Though the body suffers and is even put to death for the sake of the gospel, no one can trouble the soul that rests in its mighty Lord.

The prayer against oppression is common for the psalmist who suffers much at the hands of other people. He is quick to turn to the Lord, and the Lord finds ways to protect and comfort His servant. So also we find refuge and succour in these difficult days, under the sheltering arm of the Almighty God.