Psalm 7

Please read Psalm 7 (17 verses)

The Lord is angry with the wicked every day. Most specifically, for the means they use to afflict the righteous and those who follow the ways of God. They persecute the believer and repay evil when no ill has been done to them, plundering the emotion and security of the mind and leaving a trail of lies and trouble. The Lord decrees that this trouble shall be returned on their own heads, and the violence of speech and thought shall come down on the circumstances of their futile lives.

The psalmist is beseeching the Lord to rise in anger against the enemies that rage against him and falsely judge him. God is to be seen as the judge by His people, that their confidence in Him will be secure and true. The writer asks the Lord to sharpen his implements of war against his foes and the foes of His people who are suffering under the rage of the enemy. He asks that the fiery darts of the Lord will be ready against the evil one, and the Lord will not turn back from justice.

This is also a personal call for the vindication of the Lord on His servant who is writing this prayer. The psalmist iterates his love for the Lord and asks that he be saved from the tearing of the claws and teeth of the wicked who persecute him. He relates to the Lord how he has not repaid evil against them and asks for justice that if he has plundered them without cause, then he will be trampled in the earth. The writer of this psalm loves justice and seeks justice and that the wickedness of the wicked will come to an end. His defence is in God who saves the upright. He finishes the prayer in praise to God for righteousness, which the writer loves.