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Psalm 127

Please read Psalm 127 (5 verses)

We can try all we like to build our life in this world, but it is futile without the help of our Creator. We are actually powerless and full of foolish ideas about what is important and what will get us to our desired outcomes. We all have dreams, but they seldom become a reality, for the situations in our life take over and often dictate what we can or cannot do.

We sit up late working. We eat and drink to stay alive and healthy, but without the sustaining power of God in us, we fade and die quickly. It is God who gives the blessing of life and determines the number of days we get in our time here on earth. Many in our times are striving to better themselves through hard work in a career, or seeking to build a business. Some succeed, but many fail, and if we do succeed there is usually a price to pay, family tensions, decreasing healthiness, preoccupations with money, status,etc… this world seems to suck all the life out of us and return us very little. Some get to the end of their life disillusioned and disappointed because they did not achieve their goals.

Some sacrifice all rest on the altar of self and success. People go to bed with profound worries about all sorts of things and sleep eludes them. Spending long hours sitting in offices does not help our body health and we become increasingly sedentary. We spend money on gym membership and weekends to help us relax. We get plugged into a lifestyle which turns out to be high maintenance. In the end, only God gives rest and sleep and we need to put Him first in our life and thinking and planning. We need to allow Him to control our life and not our own ideas.

The outcome of that will be quite different, but full of blessing and great spiritual rewards. We must not neglect family, for our children are a gift from the Lord that we must look after and nurture. We are blessed to have them and allow them to temper our career choices and keep our feet on the ground. Except we put God first we will be last.