Psalm 46

Please read Psalm 46 (11 verses)

In this Psalm, which is a song, we are encouraged to be still and know that God is still on the throne over all that exists and all creatures that He has made. He is in charge of all events and all situations, including the cessation of wars and the shattering of the implements of battle. He brings desolations on the earth, but it does not touch us, for He alone is our refuge and strength and will always be there when trouble strikes.

God will be exalted among the nations of the world, for He is God forever, the Almighty, our fortress. Our Saviour God will help us at all times, even when the mountains are cast down into the depths and the sea surges all around us. There is a place of safely and rest for the people of God, a river of courage and sustaining power flowing from the city of God that will help us and make us glad. We can access this at any time through petitioning the Lord and calling on his name.

Though the kingdoms of the world rise and fall at the command of the Lord, it will not hurt us, but He will shelter us under the hand of His mighty power. Though the earth melts with fervent heat, God lifts His voice to command the protection we need. He is the ever-present God and ready to succour all who come to Him in faith.