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A place to avoid at all costs


Hell- a place for real that is almost never talked about and seldom ever thought about. We don’t believe in it, therefore it doesn’t exist.

When we begin to ponder that this place might be real, we also begin to wonder what it is like. There are some clues in holy Scripture. Jesus talked about hell and gave very graphic and clear illustrations about it.

It is a place where humans and demons experience the second death. The second death is a living death. The person is separated from God and all goodness, forever. It is a place of sorrow, regret and the never ending agony of a condemning conscience. There is no way out. All chances have passed and the possibility of forgiveness has passed away at the point of physical death.

This is why we cannot think of this state of being, it is the ultimate horror where the gnawing of guilt has no remedy. In that place, we rehearse our sins and how we affected others with our bad attitudes. Our refusal to come to God, that kept others in the dark also, will haunt us. Those we loved are destined to suffer too, alone and forever afraid, because we didn’t pray or witness to them.

We will know the full extent of our sinfulness and our mind will remind us of it all. Like Dante’s inferno, layers and layers of blame and regret. There are no distractions to relieve the pain – darkness reigns and no friendly word of encouragement breaks the constant flow of negativity. We will think of what might have been, and the glory that could have been ours, but we refused it.

God describes us as “lost” and so we are. Lost to joy and peace and to hope. In that dreadful place we are forgotten. No one looks for us or misses us. We hang in the web of futility and the sting of death pierces our souls. The warnings we were told, torments our minds and the anger burns against ourselves that we were so careless.

“Run from the wrath that us coming!”  God tells us that His wrath waits to pour out punishment on those who refuse Him. We must run to Him. We must earnestly seek His forgiveness, and get this relationship sorted out now. Why play Russian roulette with your soul? The stakes couldn’t be higher. We play with folly and are seemingly senseless to our need and eternal state. Jesus holds out His hands. He implores you to come. Everything is done for you and the banquet is ready. Why turn away?

“Seek the Lord, while He can be found..”   Putting it off is folly. You don’t know your end. Trying to do a deal with God, which shows our conceit and total lack of understanding of the deep rottenness of our sin… The transaction is already made- He has paid for your soul in full. Only Jesus can make you fit for His kingdom.  Arguing your own way – that leads straight to destruction.

You have nothing. All you can do is come to Jesus for mercy and He will freely forgive. He takes your rottenness and gives you untold blessings forever. His love is boundless and strong. He will never leave you and fill your life with His Holy Spirit, and such power and love for Him and other people.

The two lifestyles and two destinies could not be further apart. They are eternally apart and a great chasm is placed between them that no one can cross. We have a picture, which Jesus shows us of a man fining himself in hell, and the utter futility of his thinking. He had everything in this life, but ignored his soul. Now he has lost it all.

Jesus gives us another picture of a man, given over to wickedness, and yet he turns his eyes to Jesus and repents when he faces death. He is completely forgiven and meets Christ in the heavenly kingdom, in everlasting joy.

What is the difference? Faith. Falling at the feet of the loving Saviour and finding joy and peace. It is the same for all of us. The way stands open as yet.

Either hold on to nothing and loose everything, or let go of our own sinful self and gain an eternity of everything- love, joy, peace with God.

A place to avoid at all costs…