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We more appreciate the love of Christ and his perfect obedience, as we continue to grasp our own rottenness. Any supposed goodness diminishes and we are left in no doubt that the scripture is true, “There is no one good, not even one.”

At this point despair can take hold of our minds, and we sink into doubt, fear and gloom. Everything is an annoyance and the motivation to walk the Christian pathway fades or becomes a battle.

However, it is worth fighting on, as the prize is certain, no matter how we feel. The master will bring us safely through and show us his perfect way. If we keep going, sooner or later our feelings will cooperate, and we eventually feel the sunshine, but we must persevere to win the trophy.

The path is not finished until we reach the end, and strength is given for every step, no matter how dangerous or peacable. We will never be deserted, because The Word tells us that all is well with us, because of what Jesus did on our behalf, and no one can take us out of his care. The facts are clear and we see them clearly when the pathway is drenched in sunlight, but when gloomy clouds appear overhead, we tend to forget the facts and believe our feelings.

The only way to overcome this is through the scriptures, and to remember the promises of God, which apply in all situations and all states of mind. As we trust our good guide, we will gradually see the road more clearly and the clouds will dissipate and faith will shine brightly again.

As we recognise our own inability for goodness, the power of Christ will fill the heart and we will become more like him, and desire what he wants and speak his words of love to those around us.