Psalm 57

Please read Psalm 57 (11 verses)

Sometimes there is little we can do against trouble and we must batten down the hatches and wait for it to blow over. There are situations where the hurt is so grievous that the comfort is gone from our lives, and we must cast our burden on the Lord, for only He is able to comfort and keep us. This is a great position to be in, because it is an opportunity to find out just how true are the promises of God and just how close He will draw to us. The psalmist is living in fear of his life and sanity. All have rejected him and they hound him with their false accusations and the twisting of his words. The psalmist asks God if they are going to get away with what they are doing!

He reiterates his total trust in the Lord and the fact that God is sovereign and will not let him be destroyed by his enemies, or even those who call themselves friends. He asks a rhetorical question as to what power fleshly people have over him, for they are subject to the mighty God.

The writer tells us that his tears are kept by God in a bottle and recorded in God’s book. Others might forget him, but God does not. He knows he will be victorious in the Lord, for God is for him and against the oppressors. Again, he tells us that his trust is in the Lord and not in people. The psalmist has made vows to the Lord and he will keep them and render praise to the name of the Lord. His soul is safe from death, because he has been delivered from it and he knows he will be delivered always. His feet are kept from falling by the Lord so that he can walk before God on this present earth. He is not meant to die at this time, for the Lord has purposes in his life and will bring them all to pass.