Psalm 59

Please read Psalm 59 (17 verses)

Words can hurt more than physical blows. The enemies of the psalmist are hunting him down and bringing disaster on him in the form of evil speaking. These words are like sharp barbs that pierce and cut and render the subject of their venom, defenceless. There is no seeming recommence, though the psalmist sees that God laughs at his enemies and will eventually deliver him.

The enemy is after his blood also. The oppression comes on every front. The psalmist has not done anything to warrant this violence or murderous intent, but his enemy still persists and hounds him like snarling dogs that prowl the city at night looking for a kill. The psalmist expresses himself as being like a hunted animal who is being hounded to the death by fierce-some foes.

The writer does not look for blood vengeance on them, but on the just recompense of a reward that will teach everyone looking on, the justice and righteousness of the Lord. This is his chief concern and not only the righteousness of his own case. He wants God to show them up, so that their words are seen to be evil and lies that only hurt. He asks God to consume them in his anger against sin and to establish holiness and a right view of the goodness of God.

Though the enemy snarl like wild dogs in the city, the Lord will be his refuge in times of trouble and he will sing praise to the Lord in the midst of his fear and trouble. The singing will lift his view from the present fearful situation and give courage to face the dangers and keep his eyes fixed on the Lord. The psalmist knows that the Lord is the only person he can rely on, so he brings all his troubles to God and not to friends.