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Hear Him


“She who has ears, let her hear…” Matthew 11:15

There are so many voices to listen to. It is hard to discriminate. Who is speaking truth and who is just following form. Which books stick to the mind of God and what writing is just bigging up self.

There are many who “recognise” truth because of the name on the book. There are authors who are “trusted” because of their historical position and their acceptance is handed down through generations. We accept thoughts and ideas, because they are from a source that is approved of by a set of people who take a position of “sticking by the truth.” Few actually read the words, and rely on a leader of some sort to interpret and choose.

Error creeps in easily, as the guard of the Christian is down and we become complacent and lazy. We come to depend on the judgement of leaders and end up following them and not our Sovereign Lord. Our life of faith wavers and we become weak. We accumulate problems and start trying to resolve them in the light of the wisdom of others. Doubt creeps in and our personal faith wanes, as we put more and more world-orientated remedies to cure our spiritual ills.

Open your ears. Look into the perfect Word and learn from Him. Take His burden upon you and you will find rest for your soul. This is the dichotomy. The burden of Christ is perfect freedom. The burdens of this life, other people and so-called “councillors” only generate more grief. Look to the Saviour who forgave you and set you free. Don’t be a slave to anyone or anything..

If you have ears, not only physical ears, but ears for the teaching of the Holy Spirit of God, listen to Him. Disregard all other murmurings and obey what your God tells you. Immerse yourself in the holy Word. Allow yourself to be taught by the Spirit, through the Word. Your loving God will guide you because He is personal in His dealings with humans. To know Him, is the only way to hear and live.