“For, behold, in those days, and in that time, when I restore the fortunes of Judah and Jerusalem,”

In the time of Joel, the Lord was going to restore the fortunes of His people after the judgment and attendant repentance. For us that day is yet to come but we wait for it with patience.

In the midsts of this frightening end time, the Lord is going to restore the kingdom to his elect people. Gone will be the oppression, side-lining, put downs and bullying. God will turn all things right and His people will be delivered from this present evil age. The days of “turning the other cheek” will be over, for all oppression will have ceased. Gone will be the turmoil inside as we fight the sinful urges of self and seek vindication. Enemies will be dealt with and the sinless and holy kingdom will have come.

The days of liberty and freedom for the people of God will be the overarching spirit of the age. The fruit of the Spirit will reveal itself in every believer and all sin will be finally and forever put away. Our souls and minds will no longer have to wrestle with temptation and weakness, but we will be completely free of it, for the Day of the Lord has come and released all goodness from the dark chains of this world.

This is the future for the people of God in the coming time, when the end of all things is revealed.