Believe them


“Who has believed their report?
To whom has God’s powerful arm been revealed?”

In this time and space the pivot of history
Was it not to the women revealed this mystery?
They loved in the shadows, out of regard
But now all is made clear- now the vanguard
The men have faltered every one
Running and hiding from heaven’s Son
Their promise to stay, now an insincere ‘moir
But the women still lingered to watch from afar.

As they watched Him die, so they saw Him risen
Over every battle for His people He has given
His life to the nails and the cross of wood
Now rampant forever as He said He would.

The first to see the Risen Lord
The first to witness the eternal God
Defeat the death that held every being
And raising the lost to inhabit His kingdom
Incredulous men could not take it in
The Living Lord has now conquered sin
Believe the women and grasp the fact
That Christ is alive, and your future hopes intact
The women witness to the truth of God sublime
They’re voices call down the ages of time
Believe them, the love stands as the proof
That Christ is risen- they sing out the truth…