Psalm 21

Please read Psalm 21 (13 verses)

This is a Psalm by David as King. He rejoices in the joy and the strength of the Lord and in the salvation that the Lord has given to him. This salvation that he has received has been the desire of his heart and the request of his lips. The psalmist is living in full assurance of his faith, and the salvation of the Lord is the constant desire of his heart.

King David is also synonymous with the king of all kings the Lord Jesus Christ and the second part of the Psalm is full of the blessings of his goodness and all that God has done for His servant, His son, the Saviour of the world. All the glory in this Psalm goes to Christ. He has a crown of gold upon His head and He inherits life because of what He has done for His people. His glory is seen in His salvation and all honour and majesty are His because of what He has done. The king trusts in the Lord and through the mercy of the Lord He is sustained and lifted up. The king is glad in the presence of God, because God has made Jesus the Lord, the king forever and has given Him everlasting life.

The enemies of the Lord will not stand before the Lord, for the Psalm tells us that the Lord will swallow them up and a fire will devour them. The Lord is not slow to tell us the fate of the unbeliever because to plot evil against the Lord is a serious offence and the Lord will not hold us innocent. The Lord is exalted above all and He is exalted by His own strength. Those who love the Lord their God, will sing and praise Him for His power and His glory. The king has joy in the strength of the Lord, and his requests have all been answered.