Come away….

“Come away, my beloved! Be like a gazelle or a young stag on the mountains of spices!”

Song of Songs 8:14

The beloved entreats the beloved woman to come away with Him. The wedding and marriage is at hand. She must leave it all behind and go with him to his place and dwell there with him forever. It will be quick, like the leap of a young stag on the mountains, no reticence, no holding back, but the mighty jump of faith into the arms of the Beloved…

This is the final verse in this amazing book. We have watched the love story for Christ and His church unfold and now it is time for the final ceremony, the wedding supper of the Lamb.

So, one day, the Beloved Saviour and King will return for all His people, both those who have died and those who remain alive. He will shout “Come away!!” There will be no lingering in this dull world, but we will flyaway to be with Him forever, which is our souls desire. He will come in the twinkling of an eye, with the last trumpet. The dead will be raised and we will all ascend to Him and meet Him in the air. We will forever be with the Lord. The consummation will be at hand, and the salvation of body, mind and soul will be complete. The wedding supper is now ready and laid out for us, the people of God are all gathered in and we will rejoice at his coming like no other event ever.

This rejoicing will be for those who are ready and have made themselves ready for the arrival of the King and Bridegroom. We cannot meet him in the filthy clothes of sin and doubt, but have been washed and made right with God. We have repented of our past sinfulness and guilt and God has made us ready for this day. We are in the kingdom of God already and are fighting the good fight of faith and keeping ourselves away from sin and this world’s contaminating influences. Like wise bridesmaids, we are ready and waiting, lights shining brightly as we await the arrival of the bridegroom.

The call is heard, the trumpet that is the signal that the Lord is coming now. The clouds will open and Jesus will return to take those who are ready and waiting, home to heaven.

Then will begin the coming kingdom in all its fullness. Sin and sorrow will be no more for the people of God and we will receive the blessings we have been fighting for. The marriage will be completed and the bride will be ready, like a woman adorned for her husband. We shall all be like Him, for we shall see Him face to face. All sins and sorrows will finally be over, and we will reign triumphant over them and in the heavenly city. We shall leap like the young stags on the mountains, there will be no holding back now. We will be overcome with love and eternal devotion as lovers with true hearts for each other. All suffering will be forgotten, as our bodies, now glorified and our souls rendered pure, will see the Lord. We shall rejoice in the holiness of God and in that same holiness that now grows in our whole life, if we are following Christ. The Spirit will fill every part of us with praise and glory. The fragrance of the spices will be everywhere and the effects will be heady and full of the promise of eternal life that we somewhat experience, even now in this life. Our joy will be complete. The marriage day is set. The beloved loves us with joy unspeakable and full of glory. We love Him back. Surely the lines have fallen to us in pleasant places and we rejoice daily.

The call of the Saviour goes out to us again…

“Come away, my beloved!!” Come away from this world and live for me and to me. Don’t let the contamination of sin and rebellion into your heart. Rejoice in the certain hope that your deliverance is at hand. You are the bride of my dreams, and my love for you is complete. Only you will make me happy, come away then, my love….

“…then we who are alive, who are left, will be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air. So we will be with the Lord forever.”

1 Thessalonians 4:17