Psalm 1

Please read Psalm 1 (6 verses)

This Psalm tells us the way of the righteous and the fate of the ungodly. The path to perdition is gradual and progressive. The unrighteousness person walks in the way of the ungodly company, which they prefer to the righteous, and therefore become increasingly like them. They stand shoulder to shoulder with the ungodly issues of the day and are intimidated into denying what they really think and become more and more amalgamated into the prevailing culture. They eventually find themselves sitting comfortably with those who scorn the Lord of heaven and earth and the Holy Scriptures. They are not embarrassed about their stance against the ways of God, but glory in the popularity and the godless acclaim they receive.

The blessed woman or man is not like this. They delight in the Word of God and stand by its precepts against the scornful eyes and mindset of the unbeliever. The righteous person meditates on the Word of God and obeys if carefully and with great delight. Everything they seem to do prospers and their relationships are deep and fruitful. All their plans are before the Lord and He directs their steps, so that they succeed according to His purposes. Their lives bear rich fruit to God and they bring spiritual light wherever they go. At the end of their earthly journey they are full of good works and have a mighty inheritance in heaven, kept for them by the Lord.

All those who revile the Lord will have dried up lives that will simply blow away in the wind of the Spirit of God, who searches every heart. All the false motivations will be found out and the selfish insincerity will be seen for what it is.

Those who hope in the Lord will never be confounded but will rejoice every day and be blessed. They will reach the congregation of the righteous, but all ungodliness and the wicked will perish.