“As therefore you received Christ Jesus, the Lord, walk in him,”

We receive Christ by faith, so the rest of our lives from that point are walked and lived in faith in God. 

We walk worthy of the calling by which He has called us heavenward. We do not fall back on depending on ourselves or the people around us, but take the responsibility for our spiritual lives and build ourselves up in our holy faith. Our love is not for this world, but for Christ and His word. Our hope is in the sure promises of God and not in the empty words of other people. 

As we have been forgiven, so we forgive and find ourselves praying for unlikely people, those who oppose us and even hurt us. The change in our mindset could not be greater, as we fix our will at the bottom of our priorities and put God’s will at the top. The subjugation of self is the greatest challenge, and without the saving faith we receive from God, we cannot succeed. 

We start our Christian lives with the power of God, and we continue in that power. We do nothing that would grieve the Holy Spirit into silence in our lives, but continue in the living of life in a righteous way. 

We begin as cleansed and forgiven people, and we continue in that same way. It is the way to life and peace and a deep inner happiness that no one can take away. We give up all for Christ and receive all that we could desire in Him alone. 

“Forgetting the things which are behind, and stretching forward to the things which are before, I press on toward the goal for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.”

Philippians 3:13-14

We press on, not resting on our accomplishments and not drowning in our sins, but walking steadily on with our Saviour and Lord.