Psalm 144

Please read Psalm 144 (15 verses)

This is such positive and affirming Psalm in the power of the Lord. The psalmist is rejoicing because the Lord has taught him so many things through his troubles. His hands have now been prepared for war and his fingers are now strong enough to fight! Whatever life will bring his way, his faith is strong enough to withstand the battering and his mind knows what to do and who to turn to. He has learned to use the weapon of the Word of God to fight the negativity and all the attacks of the evil one. He is thoroughly made a good soldier in Christ and is able to stand and fight in the strength that God provides. God has become his fortress and a shield in times of trouble. When the fiery darts of the enemy come his way, the shield of his faith protects him and the Word of God counteracts the effect of the attack.

The psalmist rehearses the might of the Lord and his demonstrations of his power in the world for all to see. The mountains erupt showing his destructive power; the weather demonstrates his will and total control in our world; the intervention of the Lord in the life of the psalmist shows God’s sovereign will over His beloved people.

The psalmist finds himself able to sing praises to the Lord and play instruments of praise to magnify God’s name for all He has done.

The Lord has delivered him from self, sin and the hand of his enemies. His family and estate prosper under the kind provision and upkeep of the Lord. He is grateful and recognises what God has done and takes none of it for granted. His family and animals and business all prosper through the blessing of the Lord. The writer knows he is truly blessed to belong to the Lord and to have the privilege to know God. Blessed are all those who belong to the Lord…