Psalm 78

Please read Psalm 78 (72 verses)

The Lord remonstrates with his people to listen to His words and teachings from of old. He has long laboured to get his people, to understand and follow, but they are slow and reticent. God is going to remind them about the hidden things, a parable from the generations that have passed.

God released His people from the hand of the Pharaoh and brought them out of Egypt with great power and many signs and wonders. He unleashed His hot anger against those who oppressed His people and refused to give them their liberty, so He conquered them all by the hand of the avenging Angel of death.

He led them through the wilderness with great power, bringing them through the sea on dry land, destroying their enemies and providing for all their needs. They always wanted more and their covetous hearts were never satisfied. He led them in peace with cloud and fire; rained down heaven’s food – the manna to satisfy their hunger. It was not enough, they wanted meat, so He rained down flesh, which they complained about while it was still in their mouths! God was furious with them and put them to death in the wilderness, permitting them to wander and die. They ended their years in futility because of their unbelief.

God drove out their enemies before them and allocated their own lands to each one. Still it was not enough and they craved more and turned to the false gods of wood and stone. God was furious and unleashed His sharp swords against them, sending them into wars and conflicts with their deadly enemies. God rejected His people and put them to flight but had mercy on Judah alone. He called them Mount Zion and established the kingdom with godly king David who lead them in peace, righteousness and integrity. This they did not deserve, but God has provided for His people right to the present time. God will alway deal with those who are truly His and will teach them the everlasting way to peace with Himself. He does not treat us as our sins deserve.