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Bi-Polar illness is a debilitating mind illness that is affecting more and more people. Schools and all kinds and Universities are struggling to keep up with the needs required by the sufferers. This is most especially seen in Art Collages and Music Colleges, as it appears to favour the minds of creative types. 

Bi-Polar disorder is a label that is put on people who suffer particularly. It is a pattern of thoughts, feelings, ideas, and negativity that render the sufferer unable to cope with the simplest things in life. It breaks relationships and locks the person in the prison of their own mind. Drugs help for a short time, but sufferers find themselves taking increasingly more, and changing medications often. This is a clue that there is more to this than meets the eye.

It is also an empowering and positive illness that makes the sufferer productive and sharp in their mind functioning. It can bring good feelings and a lot of positivity to life and allow the sufferer of depression to have reprieve from that debilitating illness. 

The illness is a series of recognizable stages and a predictable set of signposts, that can be identified, and therapies applied to relieve the pain and suffering. 

As an illness, it is therefore not necessarily hereditary. The illness can be understood, and sufferers learn to control their own symptoms and enable them to have a productive and worthwhile life. 

This illness applies to the genius set of skills, and the symptoms are present in many people who are universally recognised as high achievers. The illness is often triggered by a massive trauma in the life of the person, though some can have this latent in their character and it never becomes a problem. It can also be triggered by drug abuse. 

A high achieving person who is frustrated and disappointed with life, will manifest symptoms of Bi-Polar illness as a result. A person who is kept back, under-provided for and abused, will have to suffer this illness. The high achieving person who is not permitted to blossom and work at their comfortable level and rate, will become a sufferer. This is due to the nature of the illness and the character of the sufferer.

This is the reason why our young people are failing and falling into mind illnesses, and Bi-Polar is on the increase. If it was purely hereditary, then there would be no measurable change in the occurrence of the illness. It thrives on neglect, because we are not providing for our brightest people in our society. I would like to carry out research to clearly identify these stages of illness and the signposts of recovery identified. The stages would correlate with a depressive phase, and the signposts with the recovery to a happy life. 

The illness is a personal one and requires personal help and tuition so the sufferer can “learn” their illness and make a recovery. Put simply, Bi-Polar illness is curable and can even be a personal blessing to the sufferer and would facilitate massive social improvement, as it would inform other areas of mind study and perhaps even Ai.