Beautiful as the moon

“Who is she who looks forth as the morning, beautiful as the moon, clear as the sun, and awesome as an army with banners?”

Song of Songs 6:10

These analogies could hardly be bigger or more all encompassing.! The sun, the moon, a huge army…

When the beloved woman approaches her beloved, it is like the morning coming up. The rising of the sun after the darkness of night. The sun of love has dawned and is filling the loving heart of the beloved with light and heat. This is also an analogy for the feeling of Christ towards His beloved church. He is the Beloved and the day arrives when He comes back for His church. It is like the morning arriving and the dawning of the new day of heaven when all Jesus’ people are gathered in to Him. Nothing is more delightful to Him than they are. The arrival of the people of God in heaven will be as the sun rising for Christ. It will be the beginning morning of eternity for the people of God and for their Lord Jesus.

It is also the feeling of Jesus when His child approaches Him each day for fellowship and prayer. This is His true desire that they should do that. It is His delight to meet with us and fellowship with us at every opportunity. How delightful to live in that fellowship constantly and to be able to talk with Jesus the Lord, at any time. We have free access to God, because of what Jesus did on the cross for us. As we meet with Him each day, it is as the sun rising for us, and we enjoy the close fellowship of the Sun of Righteousness. For Jesus also, it is His true delight to have personal relationship with us.

The beloved woman is “ beautiful as the moon.” On a full moon the silver disc is as beautiful as it gets. The glowing circle looks perfect in the night sky, hanging by nothing but the power of God. It is a borrowed light from the sun, and is not a light source. So also we shine like the moon in glory, the borrowed glory of our Beloved Sun/Son and we shall be like Him in His glory one day. Even now we can have that light in our lives that others will see and want for themselves. The light we show is our love for God and for other people.

The sunlight is searching and brings good vibes to us. We feel better in the sun. It benefits our body, making vitamin D; our mind, in that it improves our feelings and therefore our psyche; and our souls, as it lifts our spirits, so we feel better able to praise God and be thankful. The sunshine purifies and clears the air and kills germs and other unhelpful micro-organisms on fabrics and surfaces. The heat cleanses and the light helps us to see clearly. This is also the purpose of the Holy Spirit, who leads us into all goodness and truth. He cleanses us daily, especially as we meet with Him, and gives clarity of vision as we walk through our day.

This woman is going to be good to her beloved and good for him. She will stand by the truth of their love forever. She is like an army that will not be stopped in its mission and fight against evil. She is described as “awesome.” So the confident and fearless church of Christ reigns on earth and brings many daughters and sons to glory. We are not defeated people, though gentle and sensitive to evil, but victorious in our overcoming of the sin in our own lives and therefore useful to God. We live rich lives for Christ, a great army of warriors with banners, showing their worth and ability. We do not hide away our glory, which we now have. We live rampant lives of faith, hope and love…