Psalm 89

Please read Psalm 89 (52 verses)

This Psalm is the answer and antidote to the previous Psalm 88. It begins with praise to the Lord, which is the remedy for the hurting soul. As we open our mouth and sing our witness to the faithfulness of the Lord, so God begins to heal the hurt. We bolster our faith by reminding ourselves of the great love of the Lord and His abiding promise that binds us to the Lord Jesus and His people. The skies also proclaim the goodness of God along with the might of the heavenly beings. The earth belongs to God and everything in it, which He upholds in His power and controls the mighty sea, the weather, and the storms.

Our comfort is the righteousness of the Lord and that we have learned to acclaim Him and exalt His name. We walk in His light for He is our glory and strength. The Lord has upheld His king, David, and protected him from all his foes, exalting him over all kings of the earth forever. This reminds us of our Saviour Jesus, who is exalted in heaven for us. Love is forever maintained by Him and the covenant remains secure until eternity. As God raised up David, so Jesus is raised as the Saviour of the world and the Lord of all created things. He is the suffering Saviour and has bourn the penalty of sin for His people. God cast Him into death that He might be lifted up as the perfect Saviour of all. He will deliver all out of sin and bondage because of who He is. We must not be downcast in following Him or give up when God’s purposes seem to be against us.

If we should disobey the Lord, He will bring us back with this faithful intervention and will not hold our sin against us. The Lord Jesus Christ has humbled Himself and been subjected to much suffering on our behalf, but has been raised again for our justification. We are made righteous in Him and kept for the eternal kingdom by the power of God. He has suffered shame for our sake that we might never have to suffer it. God remembers that we are frail humanity and must face death, the last enemy, and so will sustain us and forgive us. He has endured great mocking from the godlessness all around and in His great love will surely deliver us. We praise His name forever, the antidote for all our troubles.