James 4:10

Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and he will exalt you.

If the stakes are so high and the fight so impossibly difficult, how are we to combat the enemy within and overcome? Certainly we cannot do it by ourselves, in fact we cannot do it at all. Our human powers are puny compared with what we face. We come back to seeking the Lord and throwing ourselves and all our troubles on Him.

We know who He is. He is the almighty God, the Sovereign maker and ruler of everything. He holds our life in His hands and our future is known to Him. Our only position before Him, is humility. We humble ourselves and ask of Him in a heartfelt contrite spirit. We cannot dupe His all-seeing mind and we cannot pretend to be desperate for His love, just to find an easy way out.

As we stand before His throne, we see ourselves as we really are. We realise we are destitute before Him and totally dependant on the majesty on high. As we prostrate ourselves in the presence of God we are truly humbled. Nothing will ever be the same again. We are in the position of our true state in God, and we are in the right mindset to commune and ask for mercy.

At the point of utter contrition, God sees us and has mercy on us. He forgives our sins and lifts us up to sit beside Him on His throne. This is not like the tyrants of our earthly regime who grab at power and hold onto it tightly. These tyrannical leaders are everywhere. They oppress and distress and disappoint so many.

Or mighty God is not such as they. We willingly shares His glory with those who are humble. He lifts them up in a way that they really know and understand is from Him. They are now rulers in the everlasting kingdom and will reign with the Saviour Jesus, when this present age is gone.

The folly of pride is clearly seen. All pride must go. If we are indulging in it, we will suffer total loss. Not everyone who names Christ is truly His. This should make us shudder, but unfortunately for many, it does not. Pride has taken such a hold that many cannot see their sin, and will never turn from it.

For the humble saint, who serves the outcast, and is obedient to the call of Christ to save those in great need, there is much tragedy and heartache in this world. They will not be recognised, because they are humble and their lives are a challenge to these false saints of God. The Saviour, Jesus, was rejected and put to death on a cruel cross. Why would we think we will be loved by the societies around us?

To follow Christ Jesus, is the greatest life and the only rewarding life. Those who humble themselves are exalted and on that last amazing day, when Jesus returns in the clouds, they will enter into all that God has in store for them…