Psalm 60

Please read Psalm 60 (12 verses)

The Lord has turned His face from His people and allowed them to fall into sin and debauchery that they might face trouble and call on Him. He lets them stagger with wine and be overrun by their enemies. The psalmist is asking the Lord to turn His face away from punishment and turn the hearts of his people back to Him again. The Lord has troubled the whole land and the writer calls on the Lord to heal up the breaches in the nation and renew its people, socially and politically.

God has given a banner of love over those who fear Him and are walking in his ways. The Lord will deliver His people with His power because He loves them and the truth about God’s unfailing love will be displayed.

God has spoken in His voice of holiness. We are to rejoice in the holiness of the Lord and to seek it for ourselves. The Lord has not helped His people when they have indulged their sin and rebellion and has allowed them defeat at the hand of the enemy, but the help of humankind is useless, so the Lord must rescue His people and tread down their enemies.

God is the God of the promised land to His people, and He is in charge of what happens to it. He will measure out the land and apportion it to the peoples. The physical land will be divided to the people of God and we are reminded that the land outside the promised land is His also. The land of Esau, the wanderer, and the land of the enemies of God, all belong to Him alone. With the help of this God, we can tread down our enemies and be victorious.

God will also give spiritual victory to those who repent and put all their trust in Him. His attitude to us is love and we enter the reality of that love in repentance and contrition. Those who trust in the Lord and call on Him will get the victory they need.